Invoke The Power of Thunder!


Thunder Qigong Instructional DVD teaches some very simple, yet powerful techniques to summon, absorb and channel this vital force of Life Force Energy for health, spiritual empowerment and cleansing of negativity. In this forty minute video, you will learn very simple techniques for filling the body with the power of Thunder. You will learn:

Standing Postures or “Jongs” to release the latent “Spirit” power of the body.

Seated Meditations for absorbing Thunder Power.

Secret “seed” sounds to summon the Powers of Thunder and Earth Forces

A secret Mantra that attracts the Power of the Thunder God into Body, Mind and Spirit.

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Master Instructor Michael W Denney has been studying, practicing, teaching and researching indigenous paths of power for over 25 years. He has studied and trained with Spiritual Masters from all over the world. Thunder Qigong is an eclectic practice that combines Taoist Qigong (Energy Work), Meditation, Shamanism and Mantra (Power Chants). Mr. Denney is a recognized master of Taoist Qigong and Internal Martial Arts, African Shamanic Drumming, Shamanism, Yoga, Mantra and more… He has written over 20 books, created over 25 instructional DVDs and has two World Music CDs… He has recently uncovered ancient linguistic connections to the first modern humans and their ancestral spiritual practices which are the foundations of indigenous practices in Europe, Asia and Africa…. Mr Denney is developing a very ancient and sacred Root practice of Power which combines many different indigenous traditional wisdom practices into a unified path for modern seekers of Earth Wisdom.
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